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History in Your Own Backyard

A brief history of the Shakers and how they came to be in this area. Includes a short synopsis of the efforts to open the site and the cost. It is presented by one of the co-founders and current President of the Friends of the White Water Shaker Village, Richard Spence.


 White Water Shaker Villiage Wikipedia Entry

--Sunday, May 16, 2010, Cincinnati Enquirer article

  --Sunday, March 15, 2009, Cincinnati Enquirer article

  --Shaker Workshops

  -- June 1, 2009, Popular Woodworking Magazine article

All or Nothing - Movie Trailer
  -- Trailer for an upcoming movie with scenes filmed at the White Water Shaker Village

Visit from French architect Phillippe Chavance
-- February 24, 2011, Harrison Press picture

Popular Woodworking

A tour of the White Water shaker Village meeting house, presented by one of the co-founders of the Friends of the White Water Shaker Village, James R. Innis, Jr.

Miami University Students 

A brief narrative, by some Miami University masters degree candidates, about why the time they spent working at the Village was important to them.

The Shakers of White Water, Ohio, 1823-1916
Edited by James R. Innis, Jr., and Thomas Sakmyster.
Contributions by Lindy Cummings, James R. Innis, Jr., Carol Medlicott, Beth J. Parker Miller, Thomas Sakmyster, and Richard Spence.
This work is a comprehensive examination of the history of and life at White Water Village, by leading experts on the community. As an offshoot of Union Village, the “mother” of Ohio Shaker communities, White Water has received scant attention in the past. This work rectifies the situation and serves as an example of what should be done for all of the Shaker communities.

This book can be purchased at the Friends Shaker Shop for $30. 

It is also available online or by mail at Hamilton College.  

For credit card purchases, order online at: www.hamilton.edu/library/couperpress/shaker-studies

To order send request and check to: 
Richard W. Couper Press, Hamilton College Library, 
198 College Hill Rd., Clinton, NY 13323
Make checks payable to: Trustees of Hamilton College
Mail in purchase form
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