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This year's Annual Gathering was a success.  c66

Visitors enjoyed presentations by the Village's new book's authors, listening to the Shaker Singers, participating in a trivia game about Shaker seeds and the raffle, and dining on delicious salads.  Many also ventured into the inclement weather to check on progress at the North Family site.


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The Mission of the Friends of White Water Shaker Village, Inc.


To preserve, restore, and open the Shaker buildings and adjacent grounds known as the North Family of White Water Shaker Village; to collect and exhibit artifacts related to the site for the cultural enrichment of the public; to educate the public about this unique part of our nation's heritage.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about this village – the former White Water Shaker Community (1824-1916) – and the legacy the Shakers left behind in southwestern Ohio.

More than twenty original Shaker buildings still stand, having been purchased by the Hamilton County Park District from private owners in 1989-1991. While the Park District has invested substantial funds in the acquisition and stabilization of the structures, much more needs to be done before a restored Shaker Village could be opened to the public. We are seeking your support to show that the public wants this historic Shaker village restored. In our vision are docent-led tours of these wonderful buildings, Shaker craft demonstrations and fairs, demonstration farm plots plowed by horses, a shop selling superb Shaker-style crafts and books, and, above all, your opportunity to walk in this peaceful farm setting and reflect on the story of the Believers for whom this was once home.


This originial Shaker chair, from the White Water Shaker Village, is one of the set of low-back dining chairs originally used by the Shakers in the cellar of the North Family dwelling, their "dining room" of that era.